Each CuadraSTAR solution is designed to meet the professional standards in its field, as well as provide for fast, precise web-based retrieval, to enable users to find the information assets they need, when they need them.

CuadraSTAR™ Products

Cuadra offers a comprehensive suite of customizable, task-oriented knowledge management solutions.

  • Collections Management: for managing the full range of archive, museum, photographic, and image collections
  • Library Automation: for managing both traditional and electronic library collections
  • Knowledge Management: for managing the "corporate memory"—the vital information being created and acquired by your organization
  • Media Management: for managing all kinds of visual collections, including those used in presentations
  • Records Management: for managing non-electronic records
  • Vocabulary Control: for creating and maintaining thesauri to facilitate the indexing and retrieval of your data

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