Cuadra's collections management applications follows the professional standards and practices of the respective disciplines (e.g., museums, archives, and libraries), but they share a common look and feel for both staff users and searchers.  With their precise web-based retrieval, they can help you enhance your accessibility, your visibility, and your services.

Collections Management

Cuadra's collections management applications cover a wide range of materials and functions in museums, archives, libraries, and visual media units. They allow customers to manage many collections with a single software package.

The key application for object collections, STAR/Museums, is a ready-to-use, task-oriented system that can be used for collections of all kinds, including fine art, folk art, files, photographs and artifacts. It provides comprehensive support for the full range of museum management processes, including tasks such as conservation, exhibition planning, and shipping.

STAR/Museums helps museums to manage their collections effectively, providing multi-user access, unlimited reports formats, and the ability to adapt to evolving standards.

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