STAR Knowledge Center for Archives provides a powerful way to make your collections visible and accessible. Its tools for generating EAD finding aids, MARC records, container lists, and management reports can help you save considerable staff time and resources.

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Archives Management

STAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA) is designed to help you to accession, catalog, and manage your collections without re-keying information or duplicating your efforts. The information that you enter into accessions can, for example, be copied into the cataloging module and then edited and used in the EAD finding aid that you produce from the catalog.

SKCA complies with the DACS, EAD, MARC, ISAD (g), and Dublin Core archival standards. It also provides flexible support within the full hierarchical model -- collections, series, containers, and items. You can use as much or as little of the hierarchy as you need to describe your collections on the basis of your standards and the level of description required for a given collection. And, if you need to re-arrange the hierarchies at any time, SKCA provides the tools to do so.

SKCA includes a secure public access module that makes it easy for your users to search within and across collections and access both your descriptions and relevant images and digital files.

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