For more than 30 years, Cuadra has set the standard for powerful and versatile information management and retrieval software and for customer support.

Now, as before, Cuadra's products continue to earn the highest ratings from their users, while the name Cuadra has become synonymous with quality and integrity.

Announcing Lucidea... We Help You to Think Clearly

SydneyPLUS, Inmagic, CuadraSTAR™, LawPort, LookUp Precision, Argus and ISS are now part of Lucidea, a newly created knowledge management software company focused on providing tools for sharing knowledge and inspiring action... Read More>

Managing and sharing the growing amount of mission-critical information being created and acquired by your organization--its "corporate memory"--is a challenging task. To meet this need, Cuadra provides the industry's most flexible and comprehensive suite of knowledge management products in the market.

Cuadra offers ready-to-use solutions for archives, museum and photographic collections, competitive and market intelligence, library automation, publishing, records management, and vocabulary control. All of them are based on the same core technology, provide for fast, precise web-based retrieval, and are ready to integrate into our customers' own information environment.

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