All CuadraSTAR applications include administrative reports for dumping their contents in standard ASCII formats.  You always own your data and you can extract it at any time.

All communications between your desktops and the Cuadra Hosted Servers are encrypted and secure.

CuadraSTAR™ Hosted Service

The CuadraSTAR™ Hosted ("ASP") Service provides for the use of CuadraSTAR solutions as a service over the Internet. You can use these solutions without investing in hardware, operating system software, applications software, and IT support. We provide all of these.

There are no start-up fees or maintenance charges for use of the Service--only a fixed yearly subscription fee. You can safely and reliably access your data on a 24 x 7 basis, with assurance that your data will be protected by skilled computer professionals backed up by redundant computer resources and network connections.

See Hosted Service Facts for details.

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