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The Sequoyah National Research Center Makes its Hidden Collections Accessible with STAR Software

The Sequoyah National Research Center, whose collections constitute the largest assemblage of Native American expression in the world, has made its collections accessible to researchers worldwide using STAR software.

According to Research Center Director Dr. Daniel F. Littlefield, STAR has allowed them to open access to the collections to their users worldwide who may never be able to travel to the Center in Little Rock. "Before implementing STAR, our users either had to visit us in person, or contact us by phone or email to learn about the variety of materials that are available to them in this collection," he said. "With STAR, we can provide access to the databases and full text collections that are a vital part of the Center's effort to document all aspects of life among American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Nations of Canada."

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The Challenge of Modernizing Special Library Systems

Over the years, library services and the library catalog have both changed dramatically. Special librarians, who have long had to accommodate non-traditional materials and journal literature, have found that the variety of materials and services that their users require have expanded greatly as new technologies and tools have become de facto standards among their users. Special librarians now have to look for new ways to distribute all of the library content. Some of the capabilities described in this white paper will make the library and its services more visible to managers who make funding decisions.

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Who Owns Your data?

The answer to this question seems obvious, which is perhaps why it is not often asked until it is too late. It is, in fact, relevant for both hosted services and licensed software. Some vendors at hosted services do not feel obliged to provide their customers with a copy of their data if the customers terminate service, and some software does not allow the customer to export all of their data without significant expense. In Cuadra's view, customers should have the right to export all or any part of their data at any time

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