STAR was described by one customer as "bullet-proof."

Another STAR customer, a major computer manufacturer, presented Cuadra with an award for outstanding information technology. The award reads:

Cuadra Associates has Demonstrated their Commitment in Providing Leading Edge Software Solutions and Exceeding Customer Expectations.

About Cuadra

Cuadra Associates, Inc. has been in business since 1978. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with authorized resellers outside the United States.

The first version of Cuadra's flagship product STAR was introduced in 1982. Since then, Cuadra's software products have continued to earn the highest ratings from its users, while the name Cuadra has become synonymous with quality and integrity.

What makes STAR unusual is its ability to manage many different types of collections, so organizations with multiple knowledge management needs can meet them with a single software package.

In over 30 years of operation, Cuadra has attracted a prestigious group of customers, as well as widespread recognition for excellence.

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